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Vertex VX-6000
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Vertex VX-6000 VHF or UHF 100 Watt Mobile

Vertex VX-6000

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The VX-6000 series mobiles are the latest introduction of serious, professional-grade mobile products.  The VX-6000 has all the features of the VX-4000, plus a few additional features like audio companding.

The biggest change is in the enhanced power output.  With 120 Watts in Lowband, 110 Watts in VHF, 100 Watts in UHF, these radios are ready to get your message across.


 System Quick Check
For a visual confirmation of the radios channel and volume position.
 DB 25 accessory connector
Need to connect an external device for signaling or remote applications? no problem. The (built in) DB 25 connector at the rear of the radio provides every input, output, audio control you'll need. There are also programmable input/output lines to control external devices (lights, sirens, etc.), or to externally control programmable softkeys like Scan, Monitor, channel change and many more!
 Built in Emergency function
This feature is built in and needs no additional options. Controlled by a front panel softkey, or through the DB 25 (for example, footswitch), the radio will go to a pre-programmed Emergency channel, send an emergency ANI, and transmit back to the base station live audio from the built in front panel mounted microphone element.

What user would not want the added security? At no additional Cost?

 Companded Audio
For those systems using companded audio, the VX-6000 let's you program, per channel, audio companding.

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