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Vertex VX-5500

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VX-5500 VHF of UHF 50 Watt Mobile

Vertex VX-5500

The VX-5500 is the latest in Public safety driven mobiles. With many features requested from Police and Fire agencies, the VX-5500 is the Public safety mobile you can count on.  Designed and built to demanding standards, the VX-5500 can be counted on, year after year.

The features that are built in allow the dealer to program the functions critical to each individual customer.  This allows the radios to have a long list of features while at the same time, keep the front panel clean and easy to use.

The remote capabilities also provide a high level of installation options !

 Many Remote Configurations Available !

The VX-5500 can be configured for many types of installation requirements.  Check out the brochure for details about:

Single Head Remotes

Dual Head Remotes

Dual Band (2 RF Decks) Single or Dual Head Remotes

You can ever remote three Control heads to one RF Deck !

 Audio Companding
The VX-5500 adds the benifit of Audio Companding for that full audio sound even on narrow band channels !
 Top Notch Receiver Specifications
Building on the foundation of the VX-4000's rock solid RF design, the VX-5500 boast improved receiver specifications in almost every category

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