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Stalcup Communications Inc.

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Please fill out the information below to request a free WEB QUOTE. Please answer all the questions before you submit the form. Please allow 48 hours for either me or my partner to review your request and to email a you a quote

Do you already have a model picked out, that you would like to recieve a quote on ?
If so, which model ?
If not, how much are you able to spend on a radio ?
How many channels must you have ?
Do you know, or can you get all the channels you want programmed ?
How important is having an aplha-numeric display ?
Does your department use two-tone paging ?
Does your department use any type of ANI (Auto Number ID)
Do you want any options included in this quote?
If you want a mobile, will you need antenna ?
If you want a portable, do you want a RAPID CHARGER or a OVER-NIGHT CHARGER ?
Would you perfer a Lithium Ion Battery, NiMH Battery, or NiCD Battery?
What is your last name?
What is your email address?
Any Comments or Instructions?

Stalcup Communications
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