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Vertex VX-4200

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Vertex VX-4200 VHF or UHF 50 Watt Mobile

VX-4200 Mobile

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The new VX-4200 series mobiles have 50 Watts of power on VHF and 45 Watts of power on UHF.  The channel capacity is 501 managed in up to 10 Groups.

Each Channel and Group can be labeled with up to 12 alphanumeric characters providing a robust display that is still easy to read under demanding situations.

You will find this radio has many advanced features built in, that are normally found only on higher priced mobiles such as; 2-tone Encode and Decode, remote Stun/Kill and audio companding for both narrow and wideband audio.

Also, these new mobiles have the widest operating bandwidth we have ever offered.  Listening to the needs and requests from our customers, the new operating bandwidths are:

VHF: 134 MHz to 174 MHz

UHF: 450 MHz to 512 MHz

police fire emergency first responder ems medical

 Interoperability Receiver Board
Most police departments have radios, be they hand-held portables or mobiles installed in their vehicles that operate in the UHF Band. However, most fire departments are similarly equipped with communications products set to frequencies in the VHF Band.

A cost-effective solution is now being offered by Vertex Standard USA in its Interoperability Receiver Board (IRB) that can be installed on the company’s public safety oriented mobile series, the VX-4100 and the VX-4200.

With boards installed into each department’s mobiles, they can monitor, on a real-time basis, the other department’s communications. At the same time they do not miss any calls on their own dispatch channel – which has priority.

 10 channels? 128 channels? 256 channels?
Whatever your Channel / Group configurations are, the 501 channel capacity in any group configuration has got you covered.

Managed in up to 32 Groups, the VX-4200 makes it easy to go from channel 3 to channel 302.

Of course each channel and group has it's own 12 digit alpha tag.

 2-Tone Encode
Requested by many customers, 2-tone encode has been added as a standard feature on this new mobile series.

Over 30 unique 2-tone pairs can be selected from the programmable keys. Program a single key to send a specific pair, or use the Code Up key to scroll through all pairs.

Each pair can have it’s own 12 digit alpha tag for ease of use !

 2-Tone Decode
Another feature requested by many customers, multiple 2-tone decode has been added as a standard feature. The VX-4200 series mobiles can decode well over 10 unique 2-tone pairs.

As an aid in distinguishing between paging calls, or as a matter of personal preference, there are 7 different alert beeps to choose from.

Also, on the VX-4200, each decode pair can have it's own 12 digit alpha tag ! This tag will be displayed upon decode of the specific pair !

 DTMF Decode with Display
Another added feature that has been the request of many, is the DTMF decoder with display.

On a per channel basis, you can display the received DTMF string.

 3 YEAR Warranty. Standard
A 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty is standard on all of our transceivers. No extra cost to cover year 2 and 3 !
 Extensive remote signaling features
Built into the VX-4200 are the following remote signaling features:

Stun / Kill / Revive

Remote Transmit (remote listen)

Activation of up to 4 Accessory Port functions

Emergency Activation

Many many more !

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