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Stalcup Communications Inc.

Vertex VX-4100

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Vertex VX-4100 VHF or UHF 50 Watt Mobile


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The new VX-4100 series mobiles have 50 Watts of power on VHF and 45 Watts of power on UHF.  The channel capacity is a very manageable 8 channels.  The uncluttered front panel and programmable functions make this radio easy to operate.

You will find this radio has many advanced features built in, that are normally found only on higher priced mobiles.

Also, these new mobiles have the widest operating bandwidth we have ever offered.  Listening to the needs and requests from our customers, the new operating bandwidths are:


VHF: 134 MHz to 174 MHz
UHF: 450 MHz to 512 MHz

 Interoperability Receiver Board
 3 YEAR Warranty. Standard
 Squelch Offsets per channel
 2-Tone Decode
 2-Tone Encode

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