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Stalcup Communications Inc.

Vertex VX-2500 Conventional

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25 Watt 128 Channel VHF/UHF Mobile

VX-2500 Conven.

Click Here To Download The VX-2500 Brochure in PDF Form

25 watt, 128 channel Feature Rich compact
mobile. The new VX-2500 Conventional takes
 the size and power of the popular VX-2000
 series mobiles, and adds the features
demanded by the Power Users. Features
 like: Alpha Display, 2-Tone Decode, Emergency
 Functions, Audio Companding and many more.
  • 8 Character Alpha-Numeric Display
  • DTMF ANI Encode, and Decode
  • 2-Tone Decode
  • 5 Programmable Soft Keys

Stalcup Communications
130 Farmer Drive
Murphy, N.C. 28906
828-837-0038   828-361-5858